Welcome to Alix White Painting…. Landscape Painter and Naturalist…

Hingham Public Library
In February, I will be exhibiting at the Dolphin Gallery at the Hingham Library, 66 Leavitt St., Hingham MA 02043.
Please join me there for the Opening Reception
Thursday, February 8, from 6 – 8 p.m.

Meet Alix

I paint the beauty of the world around me:  the South Shore of Massachusetts and the Thousand Islands of New York, where I have lived and painted for most of my life. I believe that all the information you need to paint a masterpiece is right in your backyard! Be mindful, be observant, and be honest: The painting will reveal itself.

I am a colorist. I see the big shapes and color in a composition; the details follow from that. I work primarily on location, returning to the studio in the winter months where I work on larger canvasses.

I have spent a life of land and water stewardship through farming, serving on the Cohasset, MA Board of Health and Conservation Commission, and many years ago, on the beginnings of Save the River.  This beauty is worth managing wisely because it can be destroyed so quickly.

The joyful, prayerful, playful extension of this stewardship is to share that beauty with you through my paintings.

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Jubilant Day
There is no better way to describe American Optimism than a June field full of hay just before harvest. The hope of that grass to bring enough food for the animals; the remarkable quality of each blade of grass being independent and alone but worthless without the whole; the vastness of the space; the way the light catches each blade and illuminates the whole; the way the wind puffs gently and the whole field responds in delight.

For Alix, the beauty of this place is defined by the relationship of land, water, and wind. Her paintings explore this dynamic throughout the Thousand Islands from Wolfe Island, Ontario to Chippewa Bay, New York as the St. Lawrence River narrows creating the Thousand Islands.

From the deep wetlands of Marshfield, Duxbury, and Scituate, MA to the intimacy of Cohasset Harbor and Village, to the sweep of the fields at the Trustees’ World’s End and Weir River Farm in Hingham MA, and on up to the Quincy beaches looking towards the Boston skyline, Alix paints large canvasses exploring the shapes and forms of the world around her.

She is available for commissions of your favorite site.