Grasslands and Wetlands

There is no better way to describe American Optimism than a June field full of hay just before harvest. The hope of that grass to bring enough food for the animals; the remarkable quality of each blade of grass being independent and alone but worthless without the whole; the vastness of the space;  the way the light catches each blade and illuminates the whole; the way the wind puffs gently and the whole field responds in delight. From the Hayfield to Boston describes this in paint. Marsh Symphony guides the viewer through a vast freshwater wetland back to the upland it protects in the distance. The wind ruffles the grasses individually and as vast forms and shapes. I love the shapes of the saltwater marshes with their slices and cuts that improve water flow (diminishing mosquitoes, increasing human habitat). Just a Hint of Blue and Marsh Cuts/ the Driftway tell this story.